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National Nanny Recognition Week 2018

Happy September!

We are so excited as we head full force into one of our favorite months of the year!  With cooler temps on the horizon, our founders birthday and most importantly National Nanny Recognition week we have so much to celebrate and look forward to. National Nanny Recognition Week celebrates its 20th year and we are getting geared up to kick off an amazing week celebrating and appreciating our nannies!

If you are unfamiliar with what NNRW is it is a beautiful week in which families and agencies, are encouraged to celebrate the positive impact and important role nannies play in the lives of the children and families they care for. To learn more about the history of NNRW please visit,

There are many ways you can show your nanny how much you love and appreciate her/him! We are going to share with you a few! Pick one that works for you or do them all and give your nanny a lot of extra love and appreciation the week of September 23rd – 29th!



Ways to show your nanny appreciation


Sunday September 23rd – A night out! The Nanny Joynt hosts a Nanny cocktail evening! Send your nanny to The Churchill Phoenix for an amazing night filled with friendships and laughter! Click here for event details! 

Monday September 24th – As we all know it takes A LOT of caffeine to keep up with our crazy adorable kiddos! Nannies although they appear to be Super heros they do tend to need caffeine to keep their toddler wrangling  super powers alive! Tell your nanny how much you appreciate her today with this super cute coffee mug and a gift certificate to her favorite coffee shop!

Tuesday September 25th – Let’s talk about LOVE… Your nanny LOVES your child(ren) more than words can explain. Being a nanny is truly a labor of love and nannies do what they do not for the money or perks but for the true love of children and the impact they make on our next generation. Frame some photos of your nanny with your children and write a thank you card to showcase your love and appreciation for her. You can have your children hand make a sweet card to go along with it to really make her/his heart melt

Wednesday September 26th – Let’s Party! Everyone loves a good excuse to throw a party right? Have your children assist in decorating the house with some balloons and flowers, blast your nannies favorite tunes, make/buy some delicious cupcakes and have a fiesta! You can invite other nanny friends over for a playdate to make it extra fun!

Thursday September 27th – Give the gift of education! A great nanny is always looking to continue her education and training to be the BEST nanny she can be. Sponsor her for next years National Nanny Training Day or International Nanny Association conference! Perhaps she is looking to learn a new language, take a cooking class or renew her CPR/First aid. The gift of education will show your nanny that you care!

Friday September 28th – Give your nanny a bonus! 

Saturday September 29th – Share words of appreciation for your nanny today and everyday! Make it a point to thank your nanny for a job well done. A little bit of gratitude goes so far and will make your nanny so HAPPY! Offering praise can help your nanny to feel appreciated and know that the hard work and dedication to your family is not going unnoticed. 


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