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Arizona Placement Agency For Nannies and Families

The Nanny Joynt is the Arizona’s most exclusive nanny placement agency for families and nannies. We dedicate the time and thorough attention to your family through a professional, courteous and trustworthy process. We meet with every client and nanny in person and focus on getting to know both parties to ensure we make the best match. The Nanny Joynt sets extremely high standards and is very selective when deciding what caregivers to represent. We have a rigorous 7 step screening process to ensure ultimate peace of mind for our clients and safety for your children. With over ten years of experience serving both the nanny and family side our team understands how important the decision is when it comes to hiring a nanny.

Nanny Placement Team

Our team of professionals live and breathe customer service. Our number one priority is serving our customers and making a perfect match for you and your family. We understand our clients live busy lives and time is very important. It for this reason that we spend endless hours going through resumes, personally interviewing qualified caregivers, and calling reference after reference to ensure your family the most qualified nanny out there. We truly believe this business is about making the perfect match and through our process we do all the steps to make this happen while you only have to focus on the connection between your family and the qualified candidates. Our team is always available and happy to help with any questions you may have. We understand this is one of the most important decisions your family will make and recognize the type of individual attention required to serve each unique clients’ needs and provide you the ultimate peace of mind.

Nanny Agency Difference

Unlike online sites and agencies, we personally interview, background check and custom select the highest quality, top-caliber personnel to provide your family security and comfort and save you countless hours; Simple in Theory, difficult in practice.
Located in Scottsdale, Arizona we are here to serve you and look forward to serving your family.

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Why People Choose The Nanny Joynt?

Our thorough process saves you from having to sift through dozens of nanny candidates. Our clients only view the profiles of those candidates who are qualified and match exactly what you are looking for.

We understand that no two families are alike. We know what questions to ask to determine if a candidate is truly qualified to work with your family. The candidates we represent here at The Nanny Joynt must meet and exceed our strict set of requirements..

In working with The Nanny Joynt you will receive ongoing assistance with anything you are not certain about in regards to your position description, pay and benefits, tax and overtime laws, and any issues that may arise during and after your search. We stand behind our placements and offer a generous replacement guarantee period. 

Too often we see a family do a “background check” only to find the screening was not comprehensive. We take the safety and wellbeing of our clients very seriously and have researched the best available option for comprehensive background screening.