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Nanny Of The Year Nominee – Melody

  • Nomination # 1
  • Employer
  • 16 years child experience. Children ages 3 1/2  and1 1/2
  • Worked with children with special needs, labor doula, interned desert view learning center Montessori school and Christian school. She’s worked with families in professional sports
  • She explores nature with them, find out door activities to do with them to keep them active she is great with bedtime and really has a way with children.
  • She is always consistently perfect.

Nomination # 2

Relationship to Nominee: employer

I believe Melody has been a nanny for over 15 years. Melody has been with our family since April 2016. I have three children, a boy (age 8) and two girls (ages 5 and 4).

Melody’s love for children shows in her positive and engaging disposition. Her many years of experience allows her to manage the children with a kind firmness that is so much needed to let the children know who is in charge and the parents feel confident in her ability to handle any situation.

Melody is adept with helping my children learn to resolve sibling arguments/conflicts in a civil manner. She listens and encourages them in their reading time at home. Also, she easily incorporates learning into most of the fun activities for the children during the day.

Why should this nanny be named 2017 Nanny of the year? Melody should be named 2017 Nanny of the Year because of her stellar skills in managing her charges and the genuine dedication and concern she shows for the families she works for.

Nomination # 3


Mel has worked as a nanny for 16 years.  She looked after my two sons (3 years and 5 years) for three years.

Mel has worked as a nanny for 16 years and has completed internships at Desert View Learning Center, Vila Montessori School, and PVUMC Preschool.

Mel is a wonderful nurturing and intuitive individual who is sensitive to the needs of the children in her care. She demonstrates a mature balance of fun and humor, appropriate positive reinforcement and enthusiasm of which the children can confidently bloom and thrive, while at the same time intelligently providing them with structure and appropriate limits.

Layered upon this Mel incorporates interactions, games and tasks that the children enthusiastically respond to, making learning and development into a fun experience that the children enjoy.

Mel’s deep love of children, nurturing, positive and fun personality and her intelligent approach to child development and education is an unbeatable combination. Mel’s positivity, love and enthusiasm for children and life and unshakable trustworthiness made her a comfortable and integral part of our family. Mel is flexible and understanding and we can always rely on her. In this busy and multitasking world, Mel was our rock of stability. We always look forward to seeing her.

Nomination # 4

Employer.  I am the full-time nanny/household managemer for this family

Melody did temporary nanny work for us throughout the last six months. Overnights, and last minute daytime hours. We have a three-year-old little boy

Melody was always quick to go above and beyond what was asked of her, she was stern yet loving at the same time and our child loves whenever she would come over. She would play with him depending on what he like to do, not what she wanted him to do. She found out what his Passions were and played with him in structured play based around those. He truly loved when she would come over, and would plan “dates” that he wanted to take her on. We had full trust in her at all times, and in her ability to care for him on the level he needed

Melody was always able to come out of three are all down and not let him run the house. His mother is a single mother who traveled for work at least once a week, so he would have periods of time that he would  get out of sorts, and Melody always could see that coming and take the proper steps to prevent it before it became an issue. She was always in constant communication with us. And always follow through with any rules repercussions or instructions that I had said. She never once questioned punishments that she had to follow through with. Even though she was there only for him, she cared for the two dogs  that were in the household as well. The only requirement we asked of her was to feed the dogs, but she always went well be on that, and played with, love Don, and cared for the dogs just so she would her own.

Melody is very kind, loving, patient, and just has a wonderful personality to be around. She always brightens the room. If someone is sad she said with you, if you’re happy she’s happy with you, she always wants to find the positive and the good in every situation. Melody should be in any of the year as an example to other nannies

Nomination # 5


Melody has been a nanny professionally for 16 years.  My children’s ages are 6 and 7.

What specific qualifications/education/traits does the nominee possess that makes her/him an ideal selection for Scottsdale’s Nanny of the Year? In my humble opinion a nanny must be honest, caring, loving, fun, kind but firm, and consistent.  Melody possesses all of these qualities and much more.

Melody has brought strength and consistency in our home and clearly has the social skills and proper experience that has shown time and time again she is a professional.

Melody is a gem… an added asset to any family who has the pleasure of having her a part of their family dynamic.

Nomination # 6

ex-employer/now friend

I am a mother of 2 boys ages 16 and 4 years old.  Melody cared for my infant when he was an infant-2 yr (now 4yrs old) in moments of 2013-2015 as well as my oldest.

Melody constantly showed knowledge of child development, nutrition for their age, social skills, activities both indoor and outdoor.  Being that I have a big age difference in both my boys, Melody focused on both of their own age group needs. Passionate about the kids and their safety.

Melody has contributed love,trust, care, reinforces positive, good habits in my children. Made a personal connection with both my 4yrs old and 16th year old.

Melody is unique!  She can brighten a room by a simple stare or smile, whether is an adult, child or pet.  She has the special touch!  Showed so much love for my children as well as us as parents. I enjoyed seeing my kids expressions when they knew Melody was coming and when they would see her. That expression was a secure that she took very good care  very of my kids, my kids were safe and that they were happy. Engaged with both of my children at their different level.  You can feel at ease when she is in your home.
She is fun, brings positive attitude, caring, active, social, trustworthy and loved as a nanny and as a friend.
SO be ready for she will become a very dear friend in no time.

Nomination # 7


My kiddos are 6 and 8 years old we’ve known Melody for the last three years and she is wonderful!

She is joyful,animated, and super delightful anytime she is around the kids.  She makes ordinary days extra exciting!

She was very social and always finding educational opportunities th through play and visiting of local museums zoos, and botanical gardens, including fun outdoor learning adventures an hikes!

She is an absolute asset to any family she is helping out!  Her joy is contagious and the kids just absolutely adore her!


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