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iNNTD Arizona Nanny Of The Year Nominee – Stephanie

The Nanny Joynt is excited to share this year’s iNNTD Arizona Nanny of the Year Nominees! This we we asked the nannies to tell us what they think it means to SHINE BRIGHT as a nanny! We are proud to represent Stephanie here at The Nanny Joynt! She has been a wonderful nanny of ours for the past 4 years!

Stephanie shares with us why she shines bright as a Nanny.

“I have been nanny for a little over 7 years now, however this year has been by far the most challenging year for me yet! I think what it means to “shine bright” as a nanny is having the ability to understand the complexities of your role. You have to know when to step in and take charge, and when exactly to step back and take direction. Working in someones home you quickly learn their family dynamic, their likes, dislikes, and daily routines. Nannies are the glue that keep a household running. When you start working for a family, you don’t just become apart of their lives as an employee, you become a member of their family. A few months bosses decided to separate after 10 years of marriage. This has been a very hectic and messy process, so as you can imagine it has been difficult for their 3 year old to process. It has been a very delicate dance balancing their their wants and needs, while still being able to speak up for the best interest of their child. It has been important for me to be there for their sweet boy as his only normal in his life right now. Each day I am with him I make sure that he knows he can rely on me for anything whether he needs some encouragement, or a little extra help on the potty I am there for him! I have made it my responsibility to make sure both parents understand how important his emotional needs are. I have learned what it truly means to be the rock for a family. There have been days where all he wants to do when I get into work is hug and cry on my lap, as much as I want to cry along with him, I stay strong and remind him how loved he is. I am his security blanket. I am very grateful that both of his parents have been open to suggestions I have given them along the way to help this transition in their family dynamic a little smoother. I have worked for three very different families and each has taught me something new; How to always wear your heart on your sleeve, be professional through everything even when it gets awkward and uncomfortable, and to never be afraid to speak up for what is right. I think what it means to “Shine Bright” as a nanny is being able to come in to work every day with a positive attitude and a smile on your face no matter what the circumstances are. It’s the ability to show love and respect to your bosses when you don’t always agree with their decisions. You are the shoulder to cry on, the listening ear, the speaker of truth, and of course the unbiased opinion for everyone in the family. This year has taught me how having a nanny can truly benefit a family, and how much we are really needed outside the daily day-to-day tasks.”

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