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International Nanny Training Day

International Nanny Training Day 2018 is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Modern Milk 
Scottsdale, Arizona
Saturday April 21st 2018

The Nanny Joynt has partnered with Family First Travel Nannies for this event in
order to recognize the developmental needs of young children and raise awareness
for the positive correlation between nanny training, best practice, and high-quality
care. We are extending the invite to all Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists, and other
childcare professionals. So come out and spend the day learning and having fun
amongst our local nanny community. This event will be held across 40 US cities this
year, with an anticipated 3,000 plus nannies attending! Therefore, your
participation supports you in connecting with other career nannies and childcare
professionals on a global scale.

Guest Speakers and topics include:

Kami Kerby NNTD Speaker

Love and Logic-Kami Kerby

Jenny Hodges NNTD Speaker
Nanny Curriculum- Jenny Hodges

Malia Hudson NNTD Speaker

Newborn Care Specialist – Malia Hudson

Sleep Conditioning
Maternal Instincts- Rachelle Gershkovich

Chris Peach Speaker
Money Management- Chris Peach

ONLY 2 days left to enter for Arizona’s NNTD Nanny of the Year!

Big thank you to our sponsors:

Nannypalooza, Modern Milk, At Home Pediatric Medicine, A Caring Nanny, Nekter Juice Bar,

Domestique, Sweetz Brew Coffee

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