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iNNTD Arizona Nanny Of The Year Nominee – Rebecca

We are thrilled to showcase Rebecca Gubler! She is an incredible Nominee Rebecca Gubler shares with us what it means to her to Shine Bright as a Nanny!

“I think to Shine Bright as a nanny can mean many different things, but for me personally, it means to help the children shine bright. Each and every child is different, unique, and special in their own way. I feel like it’s my responsibility and privilege to help these children grow and reach their full potential. If I can change and adapt to each child’s needs and likes individually, then I will not only bond with them, but help them reach their milestones and goals. Instilling confidence, self worth, encouragement, happiness, gratefulness, and a love for learning, I truly believe is what can make a child shine bright. The families I have worked for have all become a part of my family, and I want the best for my nanny kids. Shining bright as a nanny to me is more than just watching kids. It’s about being a part of and helping raise another generation of human beings. Whether it’s teaching the alphabet, teaching manners, or teaching children to be kind to one another, it’s all a vital role for the future. Children have actually been the ones to teach me more about life than anyone! I’ve learned so much and gained such a greater understanding for life just through working with them. I’ve been so blessed to have also been a nanny for children with special needs. Some of those times are when I have felt I was shining brighter than ever before in my life. Patience and love are the key to shining bright yourself, and then in turn you will see your nanny kids shining bright. If I can give back a little, if even only for a short couple years, by helping these children not only succeed, but also exceed in life, then that sincerely is shining bright as a nanny. Learning how to change lesson plans to cater to a specific child, or learning how to make sure every child feels loved and included, or even learning how to make learning time fun for a child, to me is being a successful nanny. This world can already be a scary and unkind place, I want to make sure all my nanny kids know that we are in this together. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and had a wonderful little girl for my ‘little sister.’ Although I wasn’t technically her nanny, I still believed she helped me to shine bright as a nanny. She wasn’t in the best of situations and learning how to be there for her really helped me grow as a human being. I’ve met a lot of adults that think they only have something to offer to kids, but the truth is I believe that kids have so much to teach us if only we would pay attention and listen. Children are really what makes us shine bright. Being a nanny is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. I feel like I shine bright as a nanny, when I see my nanny kids shining bright, full of life, happiness, and love.”

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