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Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Blog


  • Nannies deserve a happy and Healthy 2019 Industry Standards - Health Insurance Options for Nannies Nannies - Do You Have Health Insurance? (You Need It!) Working as a nanny is not a conventional office job where you work from 8am-5pm and receive standard benefits such as paid time off and health insurance.  While many nannies do receive some of those things from their employer -… Read The Post
  • Holiday Bonus & Gift Ideas for Your Nanny Industry Standards - Holiday Bonus & Gift Ideas for Your Nanny Tis the season of giving and it is important to remember to be thankful for the ones you love - and the ones that care for those you love.  A family’s nanny often becomes like a member of the family, providing care and affection for your children… Read The Post
  • Nanny Of The Month | November 2018 | Meet Millie Nanny of the Month -   What is most important to you when searching for a new nanny family? For me the most important thing is having a connection and feeling comfortable with the family I will be nannying for. Tell us your story about why/how you became a nanny?  I was working at a preschool and loved it so much that I… Read The Post
  • Banking Hours: The Nannying No-No Industry Standards - Banking Hours: The Nannying No-No At the Nanny Joynt, we get many common questions from both nannies and clients.  So, from time to time, we like to take a closer look at a Frequently Asked Question here on the blog. We often get asked whether or not it is ok for families to bank hours… Read The Post


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