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14 DIY Crafts Kids Can Make on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is the time of year to show your loved ones, especially your kiddos, how much you care for them. What better way than by making your own DIY Valentine’s Day crafts?  So whether you’re looking for something simple or complicated, we’ve got some great ideas here: from heart-shaped felt pillows to heart-shaped cookies!

1. Beaded Heart Decorations

It doesn’t have to be a big gesture to make someone’s day. Treat yourself or a friend with these sweet little beaded heart decorations and brighten their day! Your kids will love it!


2. Secret Message Valentine Heart Craft

Who doesn’t love a handwritten valentine? These sweet Secret Message Valentine’s Day Hearts are the perfect tool to help you do just that. It’s an easy way to express what your kids are feeling and let your sweethearts know how special they are to you.


3. DIY Paint Heart Letters

Heart letters are a great way to make your Valentine’s Day card extra special. You can use paper, scissors and glue to make these simple DIY heart letters, and pour the paint color you love the most! This is a little bit messy but delightfully enjoyable!


4. DIY Stamp Hearts

Get crafty with these easy-to-make stamps! This is a great Valentine project for kids who want to try something a little different—or for the person who has everything. 😉


5. Mini Love Letters

Teach your kids to write a mini love letter to their loved ones. This can be done in any way that feels right for them, but we recommend writing it on paper and leaving it somewhere special for them to find later. If they have a favorite place, like their mailbox or kitchen table, leave the letter there so their special someone can see it when they get home from work or school.


6. Valentines Popsicle Stick Craft

Valentine’s Day is all about love, love, and more love. This Valentine Popsicle Stick Craft is such a cute and simple frame for the kids to make and give as a Valentine’s Day gift.


7. Valentine Paper Plate Bag

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is a blast! With this craft your kids can make their own handmade “bag.” It’s easy enough for them to do with just a few supplies, and they will have so much fun with it!



8. Bouquet of Hearts Card for Valentine’s Day

Make a bunch of hearts in primary colors and turn them into a cute Valentine’s Day card with markers, tape, and glue.


9. Valentines Salt Dough Craft

Make your sweetie so happy with this cute Valentine’s Day salt dough craft. It’s a great way to show them how much you love them!


10 Valentines Day Headbands

Think outside the box with these awesome heart headbands this Valentines Day! They’re super easy to make, but you can really jazz them up by using different size foam hearts and adding stickers and other embellishments. Your kids will definitely love them!


11. Valentines Day Heart Craft For Kids

Heart Craft is the only craft you need for Valentine’s Day! Kids can make their very own heart craft and move it around! The perfect craft for kids on a budget, too.


12. Valentine’s Friendship Necklace

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share some love with your little girls! They can make friendship necklaces, as a sweet way to show their friends that they care and make beautiful memories together. ❤️❤️


13 Handprint Heart Tree Craft

Handprint heart tree craft is a fun and easy Valentine’s day craft for kids to make. It will be a special keepsake for you and your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. 💗


14. Mosaic Heart Craft

Who doesn’t like making a Mosaic Heart Valentine’s Day craft with their kids? This is one interactive craft that will get them thinking and scissoring!


We hope these DIY Valentine’s Day craft ideas have inspired you and your kids to make something special for someone you love. Whether it’s a sweet treat or a heartfelt card, there are so many fun ways to show someone how much they mean to you. And don’t forget about yourself! If all else fails, just remember that there’s nothing wrong with getting caught up in some good old-fashioned romance–whether it takes place onscreen or off! Happy Valentine’s Day from Nanny Joynt Family!


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