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Ways To Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Kids and their Nanny

Building a strong relationship between your children and their nanny is extremely important, especially if you are hiring a new nanny or it is your first time bringing someone into your family to care for your child. Inviting a new nanny into your home may have an impact on your children’s behavior because they will be meeting a new person who will take care of them for an extended period of time and for a lot of children this can be a difficult transition to understand. We, at NannyJoynt, want to share with you some ways that you can set up both your new nanny and your child for a successful new relationship. 


1. Introduce the kids and nanny

It’s crucial to not only take the time to show your enthusiasm for your new nanny but also to stimulate excitement while introducing her to your children. Also, Talk openly and honestly with your kids about why you’re hiring a nanny and why it will benefit them to have someone around the house as soon as you’ve made your decision to hire a new nanny. Strong communication between you and your child will help them understand the situation and will help them bond with their new nanny.

2. Be a united front with your nanny…

It’s essential that you appreciate your nanny’s judgment as much as it’s essential that your children respect their nanny and her decisions. The nanny’s authority will be weakened if your children overhear you criticizing her or her actions, or see you correcting her in front of them. It is always best to give constructive feedback to your new nanny in a private setting away from the children. It is important to have detailed conversations about your parenting style and preferences before your nanny starts working so that everyone can be on the same page and provide consistency for the children.

3. Encourage activities and adventures

Outdoor activities and outings, such as swimming, picnics, or trips to the zoo can help to enrich childhood experiences and can really provide memorable moments for your child and their nanny. In the early stages of employing your nanny, it may be a great idea to spend some time with your new nanny and your kids on an outing which can help reinforce the idea that doing so is enjoyable and something to look forward to. This is also a great way to properly show your nanny how you like your child buckled into their car seat and will allow opportunities for you to watch your nanny buckle the child up to ensure 100% safety at all times! 

4. Let the nanny join and be part of the family

Don’t ever miss out on the chance to let the nanny join in on significant family occasions like the child’s birthday or important celebrations. Though a nanny may be unable to attend due to her own social obligations, it is still wonderful to let your child know that she is always welcome. Your child will feel closer to the nanny if they see her as an addition to the family.

When we interview nannies we always ask what is most important when seeking a new family to work with and the most popular answer we get is “I just want to work with a family who values me and my profession and treats me like part of the family!”  Treating your nanny as a family member and rewarding her with praises or surprises will help her bond with the kids no matter how difficult it is because she knows she belongs and is a part of the family.


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