Newborn Care Specialist Training Curriculum

Online NCS Training Curriculum 16 Hour Newborn Care Course

Newborn Care Specialist Training Course

Training course includes 16 hour instructional video and interactive quizzes taught by Tonya Sakowicz of Newborn Care Solutions, Printable Certificate upon Completion, Newborn Care Solutions Graduate Logo, access to a private mentorship group of highly experienced Newborn Care Specialists
NCS Basics
NCS Defined ● NCS responsibilities and role within the home ● Define other professional roles such as Doula, Night Nanny, and Day Nanny ● Similarities and differences among various newborn care roles
Newborn Care
Anatomy of a Newborn Baby ● We will cover every aspect from head to toe and everything in between ● Circumcision ● Non-circumcised ● Newborn Vaginal Care ● Newborn Rectal Care ● Diaper Rash and Remedies ● Bathing and Grooming ● Diapering ● Swaddling ● SIDS
Feeding a newborn baby ● Breastfeeding ● Pumping/Storing Breastmilk ● Bottle Feeding  ● Formula ● Schedules and Hunger Cues ● Burping ● Medication and Liability ● Feeding Issues ● Reflux ● Diagnosing and Treatments ● Tongue Tie ● Pyloric Stenosis ● Cleft Palate Feeding Techniques ● Food Allergies ● Warning Signs and Symptoms ● 8 Most Common Allergens ● Food Allergy Solutions
Nursery Must Have List ● Items that you as a Newborn Care Specialist require your clients to have ● Items that are not necessary ● Stocking Nursery Items ●
Understanding the term Preemie ● NICU ● Issues to be aware of when working with preemies ● Adjusted Age ● Car seat safety for preemies ● Clothing and Diapering ● Swaddling Techniques for Preemies ● Sensory Stimulation ● Feeding Issues and challenges ● Reflux ● Sleep Challenges ● Caring for a Preemie
Twins/triplets/and more!
Caring for Multiples ● Coming Home ● Schedules ● Car Seats ● Feeding Multiple Babies at One Time ● Challenges ● Crying
Why Sleep Is Important ● Most Common Sleep Training Methods ● Differentiate the Methods ● Utilizing a Mix of Different Sleet Conditioning Methods to Customize a Sleep Plan for Each Baby ● Self Soothing ● Sleepy Cues ● Dream Feeding ● Daytime Routine ● Bedtime Routine
Caring for a New Mother ● Your Role as an NCS Caring For Mothers ● C-Section Care ● Signs of Postpartum Depression ● Symptoms ● Treatment and NCS Protocol when Dealing with a Mom with PPD
Certified NCS vs Trained NCS ● How to Become a Certified Newborn Care Specialist ● Gaining Experience as a New NCS ● Insurance ● Legal Issues ● Resume ● Reference Letters ● Contracts ● Getting Paid ● Cancellations ● Breach of Contract  ● Selling your services without giving away all the “gold” ● Taxes ● Agencies ● Websites ● Marketing
Go Green
Green Practices ● Eco Friendly Baby Products ● How to set up a Green Nursery ● Things to Stay Away From