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Tips for Traveling with Children

Tips for travel with kids

With Spring Break travel plans right around the corner, we know how stressful it can be leading up to a trip and traveling with babies and children. If you are planning on taking a trip this season, we know a trick or two that might help you out especially right now during the pandemic. 

Number one… Make a list and check it twice 🙂 Lists are helpful to ensure you have all the items your little loves will need for your time away. We LOVE packing with packing cubes! We recommended putting a couple of full outfits per cube which makes your suitcase easy to organize and toddlers can independently get their own clothes and dress themselves! Be sure you have everything your little one depends on for a good night’s sleep be it a sound machine, special blanket or pillow, and their lovie! 

Nannies if you are packing for your family be sure to keep a detailed list of everything you packed so mom/dad can look over it to ensure you have all the items needed 🙂 

Now for your travel days… 

Depending on your airline’s guidelines, children over two must wear a face mask throughout the flight; Prepare accordingly and have your child practice getting comfortable with wearing their mask! For a child who finds it challenging to wear their mask creating a fun story behind the mask to pretend that it gives them superpowers can be an option to take their mind off the mask!  Finding the most comfortable and size appropriate mask for your little one is of utmost importance. We highly recommend the Pomchie masks and have found them to be very comfortable and breathable! It is also a great idea to be prepared with some sanitizing wipes to wipe down your row as you board the plane. Let’s be honest, kids touch EVERYTHING and a quick wipe down can ease your mind (and the germs) as you embark on your journey. Another recommendation would be to bring Disposable placemats which can be used to cover the tray tables for snack time and play! 

Packing a bag of activities for your child is a necessity! Giving your little ones the opportunity to pick out a few travel-size activities from the store can increase interest and excitement! Surprises are always a good distraction too! Your child’s favorite treat or toy they have been wanting is a perfect route to take. My kids LOVE to do playdoh on the plane! 

If you are traveling by car have a bag of goodies that you can bring out a new surprise when they get restless. A little screen time is also an option for long plane or car rides. Downloading a favorite movie or a new educational game can certainly ease the pain of long travel with little ones. We love Reading Eggs for our kids!! 

Snack time is a great opportunity to take a break from the mask and distract their minds for a bit! Make sure to come prepared, as most airline services are pausing snack distribution and restaurants are closed or have limited menus at airports. We recommend bringing snacks that are easily accessible and can remain in their package to limit the amount of food/hand touching. Great options are applesauce pouches, granola bars, beef snack sticks, string cheese, and fruit leathers. I always travel with a couple of lollipops on hand just in case 🙂 

Communication is the number one key for traveling with your littles. The whole process can be overwhelming and certainly exhausting for everyone Make sure to keep your child aware of what is going on around you; their curiosity might surprise you! Preparing them for what’s to come will ensure a smoother travel day. Please try not to stress! Children can recognize your emotions and respond likewise. 

Remember to stay up to date on all travel information, and check the mandates/quarantine requirements for your vacation destinations prior to your travels. 

Most importantly enjoy your vacation and this special time with your family and little ones! 

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