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Tips for Creating a Stellar Nanny/Household Manager Resume


Creating and/or updating your resume may seem like a huge task, however, with just a few clicks you can update your resume in no time!  We suggest using a resume template you can easily find online (canva has some great ones) or we would happy to send you one via email.  Give good ole google a quick search for Nanny Resume Templates you can sift through a lot of amazing resumes.  Pick one that is professional-looking and contains the correct information you will need in order to stand out to the family in which you are applying.

A strong resume is so important when seeking a new position in this competitive job market, especially right now when so many candidates and families are looking for the right fit. Your resume is your first impression and families are looking at resumes that are easy to read and follow, that highlight your attributes and qualities as a nanny or household manager.  Resumes that are professional, unique and beautiful can really catch the eye of a family who is seeking their stellar candidate!

Here are our top tips to help you create a stellar resume!!!

  • Include your full name, current city and state, email address and phone number at the top of your resume. A nice headshot/photo at the top is also a nice touch!
  • Having your current up-to-date information will help the family know your location and having easy access to your contact information is a huge plus.  No need to list your full physical address, just listing your city and state is very helpful without giving away too much personal information.

Next, create an objective.

  • Your objective should be focused on goals when seeking a new position.  Talk about what you are looking for in your next position with a wonderful family.  This can be kept short and to the point, no more than 4 to 5 sentences will be perfect. (What ages are you qualified to care for? What you are looking for in your new role, Why you are a nanny,  Why would you be a good fit for their family? What are your strongest abilities/attributes?)

Begin adding your employment history.  Starting with your most recent employer first.

  • List your most recent employer first and always go backward from there.  Be sure your dates are correct and that you are not showing any large gaps in employment history.  If you do have gaps in your employment history, be sure to explain them on your resume as a bullet point.  (Example:  January 2020 – June 2020  Took time off to attend college at ASU.  Degree in Early Childhood Education.) Be sure to list each position as shown in the example. (Smith Family – Dates worked – Children’s Ages Upon Hire – Job Duties listed as bullet points.)

List your education

  • Really get into this section if you have taken child related courses, college, classes, certifications you have taken and list them all.  (Example: High School Name – GPA, date of diploma – CPR, date of expiration – related courses, dates of completion – any other pertinent information for the position.

List your skills and experience

  • Here you can list bullet points:  Skills that you have: (Examples: Experience working with children in a daycare setting.  Have worked with multiples.  Several years of infant experience. Dedicated, hard-working, reliable, intuitive, work well independently, etc.

It’s perfectly fine if your resume goes onto two pages depending on your experience. Keep your resume focused on childcare/household management if that is the job you are looking to land.  And remember if you ever need help or guidance we are just a phone call or email away.  We have templates we can share with you and we are always happy to take a look at your resume should you need a second set of eyes!

Be confident in yourself and your resume and you will land your DREAM job with The Nanny Joynt!!!! 


Tune in soon for our blog post about creating a winning cover letter…



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