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The Nanny Joynt Gives Back


This year The Nanny Joynt is incredibly excited to be able to give back to our local community. We couldn’t be more thrilled to let you all know that we are going to be supporting and volunteering for Maggie’s Place!

Maggie’s place is a wonderful organization here in the Phoenix area that offers support and programs for current and pregnant mothers. They offer an abundance of services to our community.  They currently have four maternity homes and two transitional homes in Arizona that assist mothers and infants in their most crucial times of need. In these shelters they not only provide a secure place to live but also present young mothers with vital skills to help them become successful Parents.

Additionally, Maggie’s Place has a strong focus on child development, which is something that all of us on the Nanny Panel have a passion about as well!  They offer parenting classes on topics such as infant brain development, crib and car seat safety, positive parenting, developmental milestones and many more.  

After hearing about all the remarkable things that Maggie’s Place does for our community it was clear to all of us that we want to be able to help support this organization in any way that we can.  This year The Nanny Joynt and its team will be spending time volunteering for Maggie’s Place. Our first volunteer experience is coming up and we will be providing child enrichment during a parenting class. We are so excited to be able to use our knowledge, skills and experience to provide a wonderful learning opportunity for children while their mothers focus on learning skills for themselves!

Additionally, this year at National Nanny Training Day April 13th 2019  we will be organizing a supplies drive for items that Maggie’s Place needs for their mothers and children. We expect to have an amazing turn out and hope to gather as many items as possible to benefit the wonderful Maggie’s Place! If you would like to contribute please see the list of items we will be collecting below. Thank you!

Raquel Ramirez – The Nanny Joynt Nanny Panel Member

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