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National Nanny Recognition Week 2022

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It’s that time of year again!!! Back to school, cooler temps on the horizon, settling into the new rhythm and schedules.
Can any of us imagine doing it without the help of our incredible Nannies?? We hope as you enter this new season that your nanny is a valuable member of your team helping to keep your kiddos happy and thriving while freeing up some of your time and easing some stresses!
For my family… Our nanny is invaluable and such a ray of sunshine and gift to our household!!!
I think we can all agree those in our lives that we count on the most, deserve sincere acknowledgment. With 4 weeks to prepare, The Nanny Joynt encourages you to Celebrate Your Nanny with us during National Nanny Recognition Week. If you are not familiar with #NNRW you can read the details of the week below.
International Nanny Recognition Week: September 18-24, 2022
National Nanny Recognition Week was created over 20 years ago by a group of dedicated industry leaders and nannies. NNRW is an internationally recognized week during which families, businesses, and the media will be encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession: The important role nannies play in the lives of the families and the wonderful contribution they make in the lives of the children they care for.
At The Nanny Joynt are preparing to treat YOUR nannies with a little something special each day that week!
We’ll enjoy quality time with each other, and enjoy quality F&B!!
Top of the list: coffee date, self-care retreat day, fun giveaways and showering them all with the love and appreciation they deserve…
Below are just a couple of fun ideas on how you can show your nanny your appreciation.

Letter of Gratitude

Write a letter to your nanny, letting them know how much you appreciate them in you and your family’s life. Have the children sign it, and maybe even draw them a picture too. You can always spread even more thanks with an attached gift card to their favorite shopping store or restaurant.

Coffee for the Soul

Treat your nanny to some coffee! Whether that’s a new Nespresso machine, Starbucks or Dutch Bros gift card, or maybe even a new coffee mug, nothing says thank you like a caffeinated pick-me-up. Does your nanny not drink coffee? Treat them to a sweet treat from a local bakery or cupcake shop. Urban Cookies, Crumble, and Nothing Bundt Cakes are a few of our favorites here in TNJ office!

The Gift of a Car Detail

Treat your nanny to an amazing car detail! Whether they drive your children anywhere or not, everyone loves to drive to work every day in a nice, clean car. It is amazing how a clean car makes you feel going to and from anywhere.

A New Nanny Bag

Spoil your nanny with a new Nanny bag! Whether it’s for travel, daily work or for on-the-go, a new nanny bag is perfect to show your appreciation. Every nanny needs a cute bag to store their items in for the job.

Give Your Nanny a Bonus

Every nanny deserves a little extra! Use this day to show your nanny just how much you appreciate them with a bonus for all their hard work.

Handmade Gifts from the Children

Craft time meets Appreciation week with paints, decorating or paper and arts crafts. Have your children make something to tell their nanny just how much they love them. Every nanny would love to have
a handmade gift from the children they love the most.

Give them a Spa Day

The best way to end NNRW. Give your nanny a nice, relaxing spa day, after all the hard work they have been investing. You can gift them a massage, mani-pedi or even a facial.

A surprise day off

If you have the ability to do so send your nanny home for a half-day or give her a full day off to rest and relax! This will certainly show your nanny how much you love and appreciate them.

Gift of Education

Show your nanny your appreciation by encouraging continued education to help them further their career. There are many options available including Newborn Care Solutions Training Courses, The INA Conference coming up in Las Vegas next spring, or a new childcare-related book. Showing your nanny that you care about her career will be such an appreciated gesture and the perfect way to recognize them during National Nanny Recognition Week!

Big or small tokens of appreciation will certainly go a long way! Celebrate these beautiful individuals who are helping us raise the next generation to be kind, loving, and compassionate humans!



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