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Nanny of the Year Nominee – Damaris


Damaris has been a nanny for less than a year, but has learned the responsibilities and qualities that a nanny should have quickly! Damaris watches my 15 month old daughter along with an 20 month old little boy 3 days a week.


Damaris had no experience being a nanny before we hired her, however we had no doubt she would catch on quickly caring for our child and other children in the future. She is energetic about her job, loves to keep busy around the house with the kids, as well as helping out with laundry, cooking, cleaning and other odd jobs. She keeps the house together, so when we come home from work, we can spend our time with our daughter. Sometimes I wonder if she ever sits down for a break!


Damaris is a native spanish speaker, which she uses daily with our child. We want our child to be bilingual and Damaris has taken this to the next level with our 15 month old! We are pretty sure she understands more in spanish than english sometime, which we love!
She takes Kate to story time at the library, parks, playdates with other children, the zoo, children’s museum, swim lessons, running errands and many other daily activities to expand her learning. When she stays home, she teaches Kate valuable life lessons, like helping cleaning up, sharing, using manners, etc. We are so happy to have her work with Kate everyday and hope she will stay with us in the future when we expand our family.


Damaris is a hard worker, who loves her job and our daughter. She is willing to meet mom or dad for lunch, so we can see our daughter. She takes alot of the stress off everyday things, like wiping down the counter or preparing meals for our daughter, so we can spend more time with her and enjoy every minute of it.
She is always so happy to see Kate in the morning. My daughter’s smile brightens every day when Damaris arrives, which makes leaving for work easier. Damaris has become part of our family while caring for our daughter. She listens to suggestions or rules we have and makes sure to use them. She takes her on outings so she can be exposed to many different activities and learn to interact in kids or adults in a variety of experiences.

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