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iNNTD Arizona Nanny Of The Year Nominee – Cymone

When we met with Cymone over a year ago we knew right away she was one of those bright and shiny diamonds we search for when screening nannies.

Cymone Rowe shares with us what she believes it means to Shine Bright as a Nanny:

“When I think about what it means to shine bright as a nanny, I think about the gold star reward from when I was younger. The one you’d get as a reward from either your daycare, nanny or teacher. It was something to be so proud of, because you accomplished a skill, you stood out from your peers and shined bright. As a nanny, every day brings a new adventure. As the years pass, whether with a new family or the same family you watch your little one grow. Some days are really hard , other days are gold star worthy. When thinking back on my days with previous little ones , I remember so many moments where it was a “gold star day” shining bright. The first time baby L said my name was on a weekend , and his parents were so excited ! They sent me a video of him saying it over and over again. One of my favorite activities to do with littles is to read. I like to establish a positive relationship with books at a young age. Baby L loved books from the moment I started working with his family . I recently went to visit them and he is now 4 years old reading on his own . His mom expressed how much he LOVES to read on his own and my heart just beamed . It was incredible to see how far he’d come. Another bright moment I had just recently is with my current family . It’s truly incredible to see the many different ways your little shows you they love you. S, who is now almost 1.5 and loves to run at you full force always greets me in the morning with a gasp and a huge smile . I can only imagine how the parents observe that interaction, but I kid you not ever since she’s been able to peek her head over the crib or stand that is the same reaction and it never gets old . It’s one of the ways I feel so appreciated in this field. This little human who is still learning to navigate this world, has chosen to share her joy and a little piece of her heart with me every morning. If that doesn’t contribute to the meaning of shine bright, I can’t imagine what does.

Throughout your career you are hopefully experiencing so many moments that shine bright and are imbedded in your mind as great memories to look back on. I have had the honor of working with some amazing families throughout my 10+ year career. Each family playing a huge impact on my life as a nanny, memories being made, gold star moments. Being a nanny takes over your life, and I mean this in a good way. It shows you the world in a completely different light, and teaches you lessons you may not realize right away. Shining bright as a nanny means to never stop learning, to continue loving and learning from the little ones in our lives. It means standing up and out for the future of the next generation. It means becoming apart of another persons life and their memories. It means so many other things I don’t think I’d have enough time or words to truly capture . But if I can continue to experience this truly rewarding and bright career, then I know I am making the world a better, brighter, more shinier place and I’m truly grateful to be in a position to do so.”

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