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Guaranteed Hours & Why It Is So Important

At the Nanny Joynt, we get many common questions from both nannies and clients.  Hiring a nanny can leave families with many questions. And, nannies are frequently confused about what they are required to do under their contract.  The best nanny/family relationships are fostered by open communication and a full understanding of contractual obligations and industry standards. At The Nanny Joynt we are passionate about educating our clients and caregivers on industry standards and setting everyone up for a successful working relationship. 

One common question we receive is “what are guaranteed hours” and “are they required” so we wanted to explore this topic a bit more closely.

What Are Guaranteed Hours?

Guaranteed hours refers to circumstances where a family chooses not to use their nanny during her regularly scheduled hours.  For example, if a family goes on vacation and chooses not to bring the nanny, she would still get paid her regular wage. If the nanny normally works 42 hours during the week and the family goes out of town, she still gets paid for 42 hours. Also, if you decide to send your nanny home early one day, you cannot dock her pay for those hours because her hours are guaranteed. However, it is important to note that if the nanny decides to take time off (for which she does not have paid time off worked into her contract), the family does not need to pay her normal wage.

Why Are Guaranteed Hours Important?

Guaranteed hours is something in which we at The Nanny Joynt believe in strongly. And, because we believe it is important for healthy long lasting nanny placements, we require guaranteed hours to be offered by the clients we work with.  Most people rely on having a guaranteed paycheck and nannies are no different. If your child were attending preschool and you go on a family trip, you would still be responsible for the monthly preschool tuition, they would not prorate it based on the days you attend, and it is the same for nanny services.  

Can Nannies Be Asked to Do Other Tasks While the Family is Gone?

Yes, families can ask the nanny to do responsibilities within her normal working hours that are within her scope of work/responsibilities. She can check on the house, bring in the mail, do organizational projects pertaining to the children, and some may agree to pet sit while you are away. Your nanny is not required to do tasks outside her job description, it is up to the nanny to agree to your requests and open up front communication on your expectation is best. 

Guaranteed Hours: Good for the Nanny & Good for the Client

Guaranteed hours protects both the nanny and the client.  For the nanny, they have a stable and consistent income on which to depend on. For the family, they have a reliable and dependable nanny without having to deal with constant turnover, interviewing, and training a new nanny. But, as mentioned, guaranteed hours are a requirement when contracting a nanny through The Nanny Joynt. Guaranteed hours are always discussed when negotiating the initial nannying contract. Also, most experienced nannies will require guaranteed hours so it is to the client’s benefit that guaranteed hours are required because it means you will likely have access to more experienced and qualified nannies.


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