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TNJFT161 – Trustworthy, Reliable Nanny Need Short Term for Infant in Central Phoenix

Amazing Nanny Needed in Central Phoenix 

Location: 16th St and Maryland

Start Date: October 24, 2019 thru January 31, 2020

Ref Code: TNJFT161


The Nanny Joynt is so  happy to share with you an amazing short term position in central Phoenix working with one infant baby girl.  Nannies please note the start and end dates of this position, it will be for approximately 3 months. This family is looking for a wonderful nanny who will be trustworthy, kind, caring and provide exceptional care for their precious daughter who was born at 34 weeks. She will be approximately 3 months old at the start of this position.  She is growing well and doesn’t have any lasting medical issues at this point. They need their nanny to be very open to a flexible schedule as mom works as a hospitalist and her schedule changes weekly. Someone who would be willing to work a guaranteed number of hours per month would be ideal as opposed to per week as each week is different for their family.  They would like for their nanny to be patient, responsible and have experience with infants! A nanny who is educated in the development and milestones of young children is very important. They would love to hire someone who excited to engage their baby and help her meet her milestones. 

The schedule for this position will be:  

Oct 24-25: 8-5pm
Oct 28th week: 10-6 M,W,F (24 hrs)
November (108 hrs)
Nov 4th week: 9-6 M,Tu,W (27 hrs)
Nov 11th week: 8-5:30, M-F (47.5 hrs)
Nov 18th week: 9-6, W-F (27 hrs)
Nov 25th week: 12-6, Monday only (6 hrs); off rest of week
December (125 hrs)
Dec 2nd week: 12-6, Tu, W (12 hrs)
Dec 9th week: 8-5:30 M-F (47.5 hrs)
Dec 16th week: 9-6 M-Wed (27 hrs)
Off Xmas week
Dec 28th week: 8-5:30 M, Tu, Th, F (38 hrs)

This position is offering $20 – $22 per hour, guaranteed 110 hours per month!

These first time parents are kind, open, love direct communication and want their nanny to really be passionate about her career.  Mom would love receiving texts and photos during the day so she can take a peek at her little one while she is at work.  Safety and health are a top priority for this family so they want to make sure their new nanny is always washing hands and making sure their baby’s wellness is taken seriously. 

The ideal candidate for this position will be happy, engaging, attentive, flexible, and has good judgement. A nanny who is professional, proactive and very loving is what this family is looking for. A nanny who is motivated and will make sure their daughter is taken care of is very important to them.

Child related duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive childcare for their little one
  • Feeding, changing diapers, naps
  • Staying on schedule and maintaining a daily log
  • Being sure their baby is meeting her developmental milestones, tummy time, reading, etc.
  • Baby laundry, linens, organizing nursery and keeping baby areas clean
  • Being active and engaging with the baby daily, reading, singing, language development

Household responsibilities will include but are not limited to: 

  • Light household tasks, cleaning up after self and baby, daily tidying
  • Loading/Unloading dishwasher, sterilizing bottles
  • Keeping things organized and letting Mom know when baby items are needed
  • Taking out trash, emptying diaper pail, etc.

This family does have one 10 month old Aussie Doodle, they are able to take the dog to doggie daycare each day or they can leave the dog at home if their new nanny is willing to let dog in and out during the day.  The dog is very friendly, trained and very well behaved. 

Their new nanny should be able to take ques from their baby when she is hungry, she is currently taking a bottle about every 3 hours.  Routine and consistency are important to this family. A nanny who is well versed on taking care of newborns. If you have taken the Taking Cara of Babies course this would be great!  

Nannies, this is truly an amazing job if you are looking for a short term nanny position!  This is a professional and friendly family who wants to build a good relationship with their new nanny! They are easy going and fun to work with. This family wants a nanny they can rely on to take care of  their baby girl with the utmost love and care.

To be considered for this fantastic opportunity please email your resume to trisha@nannyjoynt.complease use Reference code – TNJFT161  in the subject line. Interviews will begin ASAP


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