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Summer Safety Tips For You and Your Kiddos


Summer Safety

Temps are rising and Summer is approaching here in Arizona!!! There are so many fun things to do in the summer but it is also important to remember to take a few extra precautions to stay safe! Long hours in the sun, time spent by the pool, hours spent splashing around in the splash pad, and more sound like a blast, but adults and kids alike need to remain safe during those long summer days. Below we have compiled a few of our favorite summer safety tips for kids (and since we cannot necessarily rely on our kids to stick to them, they are great for parents and nannies too)!

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

Pool Safety

Start young with swim lessons!! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends beginning swim lessons at age 1. But, did
you know that swim lessons can start as young as 4 months old? It is so important for babies and kids to learn water survival skills as young as possible, regardless of whether or not you have a swimming pool at home because, unfortunately, accidental drownings happen and not always at home. Keep your littles safe and instill confidence in them by teaching them water
survival as well as advanced swimming techniques!

There are many local swimming schools to choose from and I encourage you to call ahead to see if you can watch a class or try a class to make sure the teaching style aligns with your preferences.  One of our favorite swim schools is Kim Courtney’s Swim School. (fun fact… Trisha our founder once taught swim lessons for Kim Courtney Swim School and that is how her nanny career got started)

Another great option is Hubbard Swim School where your infant swims for free until they are 6 months old!

Never Leave a Child Unattended Near Water

Accidental drownings are all-too-common. Pool Safely notes that the #1 cause of accidental death in children is accidental drowning. Drowning is quick and silent which is why children should never be left unattended near water, even very shallow water. Children can drown in only inches of water so keep a close eye on kids near water. Be sure to have a conversation with your nanny regarding your policy regarding swimming and watching your children around water.

Install a Pool Fence

If you live in a home that has a pool but does not have any barrier or fence to prevent access to the pool it is important to get a fence as soon as possible. There are many different pool fence options in every budget and to accommodate any aesthetic preferences.

Sun Safety

Apply and ReApply Sunscreen!!! A broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before getting
wet and should be reapplied every 2 hours (or as needed). We recently discovered this AWESOME 100% zinc spray sunscreen! This makes it super easy to ensure the kiddos are covered without all the added toxic chemicals in most spray sunscreen.  Don’t forget to apply to the scalp and ears!

Cover Up

While we know rash guards, swim shirts, and other layers can annoy some children, it really is for the best. While any long-sleeved shirt or pants, or even just a t-shirt, is better than nothing, it is ideal to choose items that have been tested and shown to
protect skin from UVA/UVB rays, which can penetrate certain fabrics more than others.

Stay in the Shade!

Whenever you can, head for the shade and make the kids do it too! The shade is not just a place to cool off, it is a great place to give your skin a break from the sun’s harsh rays.


Hats and sunglasses aren’t just cool accessories, they also protect your head/scalp and eyes from the sun!


Water! Water! Water! Make sure anytime you go outside you have adequate water for both you and your little one. In our HOT AZ temps, it is all too easy to get dehydrated. On average, people should drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day just to stay hydrated and healthy, according to the Center for Disease Control

Splash Pads and Public Pools

Once things begin to open up…. Remember to practice safe hygiene. Hand washing, showering after public pools and splashpads is a MUST!

It can be tempting to let kids run around in their wet swimsuit during the summer because of its fun and keeps them cool. The problem is that wet swimsuits can irritate your child’s delicate skin. There are a lot of chemicals in public pools and splash pads so it is best to take their wet clothing and suits off once they are done playing in the water. Additionally, if there is an opportunity to rinse off with freshwater, did so as soon as possible to get as many of those chemicals off your child’s skin as soon as possible.

Wear Protective Shoes

You never know what bacteria may be lingering at the local splash pad or public pool. Water shoes are not only a great way to protect your kid’s feet from germs but also from the scorching pavement that could burn their feet. We love Native Shoes  and for a cost-saving alternative check out these awesome water shoes from Target. 




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