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iNNTD Arizona Nanny Of The Year Nominee – Kimberly

We know first hand Kimberly SHINES so bright as a nanny! Kimberly shares with us what it means to her!

iNNTD Arizona Nanny of the Year Nominee Kimberly!

“When something shines bright, it means that it emits, reflects, or is full of light. It is vivid and vibrant, many times unforgettable. Every living thing, from plants to people need light to survive. It is essential. While many may think of a light source being the sun or a bulb, all of us have a light source within us. This light within us comes out as energy. Some lights are dim while others radiate brilliance. All of us have a light within us and it can be made brighter by being our best, truest, most authentic selves through self-care, listening to our inner intuition, knowing our strengths, and having the courage to release yourself from self-doubt and limitations. When the light shines bright within us, it has no option but to escape and radiate out of us and into the lives of other people. As a Nanny, it is important that I bring that light with me to work daily. I am the light source for not only the children I care for, but the parents, and even household staff that I may work closely with. Light is transferable. That means whatever light and energy I bring into the household can easily be picked up by others. I want to uplift others and make a difference every day. Light within us can show in the form of characteristics like love, vitality, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, kindness, generosity, warmth, empathy, caring, compassion, positivity, and hope. All of these are qualities that the best nannies possess. When the light within us is strong, we are able to be authentic, fully present, and focused for the families we work with and what their needs are. We are there with families through all the ups and downs that life throws at us. Bringing our bright light to the table in moments of chaos, stress, and despair are when it is needed the most. Whether it be a blow out diaper right before professional pictures, a toddler’s temper tantrum in the middle of a 5 star restaurant, a middle schooler stressing about his science fair project, a teenager dealing with adolescent struggles, a family dealing with a death in the family or any other unexpected tragic event, we are there for all of those things and those are the moments that families really need to rely on us to be strong and be that light source. Our light shines the brightest during dark moments, lighting the way to happier days. Nannies also shine bright when they go above and beyond what is asked of them. Yes, I am a Nanny, but I am also so much more. I wear many hats proudly for the families I work for. Dishwasher, Chef, Nurse, Chauffeur, Maid, Counselor, Tutor, Teacher, Organizer, House Manager, Travel Planner, Professional Hugger, the list goes on. My job isn’t just taking care of the children; it is so much more. I am there to help the families I work for in ANY way that I can. Whatever I can do to make their lives easier, better, or run more smooth, I will do. I take time to notice the fine details and anticipate their needs so that I don’t have to be asked to do things. I want to provide the highest level of childcare so that the parents can then fulfill their personal and professional commitments which usually leads to their own personal light growing in strength. I am there to bring light so that the family as a whole can shine brighter. It is a commitment to shine your light day in and day out as a Nanny. I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. There are some days where I don’t feel my best, and those are the days that I have to consciously make the choice to be the light. It’s important that this light and energy is consistent, not just once in a while. You can’t grow plants by giving them light once or twice a month, and the same goes for people. It is part of my job as a Nanny to be that light source, setting the tone of great vibes in the family home.”

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