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During this unprecedented time— we will get through this together | Covid-19

Greetings Friends, Families, and Nannies,

For most, if not all of us, these are unprecedented times. As more and more information continues to be reported about COVID-19, we wanted to reach out to our community of families and nannies and offer any guidance and support that we can. While we are all being encouraged to socially distance ourselves and stay home as much as possible, we know that can feel isolating and also bring an unknown territory on how to handle our nannies – we are all in this together and the best thing we can do is support each other through navigating an ever-changing landscape of daily life.  

Though many things still remain uncertain, one thing we do know is that we all must adapt with as much grace and understanding of our own and others’ circumstances as possible. The CDC and government regulations vary by region and prevalence of COVID-19 patients but we know that both families and nannies are faced with varied work and home scenarios that have a profound number of challenges. At The Nanny Joynt, we are here for our beloved families and nannies and would like to offer the following guidance and information to help support you during these unique times.

Kids Are Home – Now What?

At this point, most schools have closed for at least 2 weeks or longer with the potential that closures may be extended. Whether parents work outside of the home, work from home, or are temporarily out of work, this new dynamic of having children home for an extended period of time poses many challenges. For parents that still must work outside the home such as healthcare workers, pharmacy workers, grocery store workers, and many other occupations, the closure of schools does not mean that work stops which necessitates trustworthy and reliable childcare. Thank you to our incredible nannies for stepping up in this role and doing an amazing job. We are working on some resources to provide you with ideas and tips if you are now facing the difficult task of homeschooling. 

Protecting Our Nannies During Economic Uncertainty

While many nannies have maintained their existing nanny positions and hours, other nannies are faced with economic uncertainty as families begin to cancel nanny services, indefinitely postpone nanny services, or dramatically shorten nanny hours during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. Additionally, if your family or nanny has potentially been exposed, quarantine and following the recommendations of the CDC  is imperative. These changes are certainly understandable but the loss of hours or employment altogether is also understandably frightening for nannies.  

At The Nanny Joynt, we always hope that our families and their nannies build a close, family-like relationship, but it is also important to remember that this is still a job. Sick pay, time off, and paid leave are things many full-time corporate employees have as a cushion to fall back on during times like these and it is that reason that we often encourage our families and nannies to design a contract with that in mind (guaranteed hours). It is always advisable because it protects everyone and helps provide an economic safety net for nannies.

All of our nannies are modern day super hero nannies!! They are used to working with children to keep their minds and bodies active and know the importance of good hygiene so they are well-prepared for the new stringent social distancing guidelines. If you are a nanny that is either temporarily or indefinitely unable to work, sick leave and/or unemployment may be options for you to protect against economic hardship. Right now is it more important than ever to have open and transparent conversations with each other regarding your plan to stay safe during this pandemic. 

We’re All in This Together

During these trying times, it is important to approach every situation with as much grace, kindness, and empathy as possible. With school closures already taking place and potentially getting extended at some point, parents and nannies are now tasked with not only caring for children but educating them in the interim. There is a tremendous amount of stress, fear, sadness flowing through many homes right now and a little kindness can go a very long way. In addition to the hygiene and social distancing recommendations, we believe there are some other critical recommendations to get through this time with unity and strength: communication, patience, and kindness. Talk to each other, listen with an open heart and mind, and then try to respond in kindness.

While it may feel isolating right now, the team at The Nanny Joynt is still here and we are here to provide you with all the support we can to help you navigate these unique times, including a team of amazing, healthy, and ready-to-work nannies and educators should there be a need in your household. 

Safety is most important

At this time we will be no longer sending nannies out for “temp” jobs in which they would be working with multiple families. We are happy to still work with clients seeking a longer term solutions while schools are closed, in which they would hire one nanny to come to their home to care for/educate their children. Being that the nature of our temp division would expose both our clients and nannies to potential risk we are not comfortable continuing this service until we know more about this virus and the status of our area. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support as we navigate the best options to keep our nannies and clients safe.

Recommendations  for you & your nanny…

Hand washing covid-19


Wash hands for 20+ seconds upon arrival and often throughout your day

Blow nose and use saline spray before work to clean out airways

Remove shoes at door and have house shoes available to wear each day


Nanny Joynt - household manager


When arriving to work change clothes

Keep 2 extra sets of clothes at work so you can wash and have a clean set each day

Don’t bring in items from outside sources, bags, lunch bags, reusable bags etc

 Nanny social distancing


Staying at least six feet away from other people.

Only leave your home/nanny home for essentials.

STAY HOME if you are sick or showing any signs symptoms of illness

Sanitize Covid-19


Wipe down all hard surfaces each day with Lysol/Thieves spray

Sanitize  bottles/breast pumps daily

Sanitize toys at least once a week, ideally twice a week

Wipe steering wheel/car doors each day

Outdoor play nanny


Take this time in our fast paced lives to slow down enjoy your children and get to know your nanny a little more!

Spend time outdoors, plant a garden, go for a bike ride and be thankful for your health and the fact we have some of the BEST weather in the world right now!

Sending light and love to you and yours!

The Nanny Joynt Team

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