Newborn Care Curriculum Test

NCS Basics
NCS Defined ● NCS responsibilities and role within the home ● Define other professional roles such as Doula, Night Nanny, and Day Nanny ● Similarities and differences among various newborn care roles
Newborn Care
Anatomy of a Newborn Baby ● We will cover every aspect from head to toe and everything in between ● Circumcision ● Non-circumcised ● Newborn Vaginal Care ● Newborn Rectal Care ● Diaper Rash and Remedies ● Bathing and Grooming ● Diapering ● Swaddling ● SIDS
Feeding guidelines for a newborn baby ● Breastfeeding ● Introducing the bottle ● Pumping and Storing Breastmilk ● Bottle Feeding ● Bottle Options ● Formula ● Formula Options ● Feeding Schedules and Hunger Cues ● Burping ● Medication Dispensing and Liability ● Feeding Issues ● Reflux ● Diagnosing and Treatments ● Tongue Tie ● Tongue Tie Treatments ● Pyloric Stenosis ● Cleft Palate Feeding Techniques ● Food Allergies ● Warning Signs and Symptoms ● 8 Most Common Allergens ● Dealing With Food Allergies Options and Solutions
Nursery Must Have List ● Items that you as a Newborn Care Specialist require your clients to have ● Items that are not necessary ● Stocking Nursery Items ●
Understanding the term Preemie ● NICU ● Issues to be aware of when working with preemies ● Adjusted Age ● Car seat safety for preemies ● Clothing and Diapering ● Swaddling Techniques for Preemies ● Sensory Stimulation ● Feeding Issues and challenges ● Reflux ● Sleep Challenges ● Caring for a Preemie
Twins/triplets/and more!
Caring for Multiples ● Coming Home ● Schedules ● Car Seats ● Feeding Multiple Babies at One Time ● Challenges ● Crying
Why Sleep Is Important ● Most Common Sleep Training Methods ● Differentiate the Methods ● Utilizing a Mix of Different Sleet Conditioning Methods to Customize a Sleep Plan for Each Baby ● Self Soothing ● Sleepy Cues ● Dream Feeding ● Daytime Routine ● Bedtime Routine
Caring for a New Mother ● Your Role as an NCS Caring For Mothers ● C-Section Care ● Signs of Postpartum Depression ● Symptoms ● Treatment and NCS Protocol when Dealing with a Mom with PPD
Certified NCS vs Trained NCS ● How to Become a Certified Newborn Care Specialist ● Gaining Experience as a New NCS ● Insurance ● Legal Issues to be Aware Of ● Professional Resume ● Reference Letters ● Contracts ● Getting Paid ● Cancellations ● Breach of Contract ● Client Ends Contract Early ● Selling your services without giving away all the “gold” ● Taxes ● Working With Agencies ● Websites ●Marketing
Go Green
Green Practices ● Eco Friendly Baby Products ● How to set up a Green Nursery ● Things to Stay Away From