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TNJFT250 – Wonderful New Position with a Very Sweet Little Girl

Wonderful New Full Time Position Available with a Sweet Little Girl

Cross Streets: Mayo Boulevard and the 101

Start Date: ASAP

Term: 1 year to start – Long Term

Ref Code: TNJFT250


Family Summary:

The Nanny Joynt is so excited to present this amazing, kind-hearted family to our candidates!  This family has the sweetest 18-month-old little girl. She is a very happy child, who has a fun and affectionate personality.  She is independent yet social and loves to experience learning new things. She does have a peanut allergy and an epi-pen. Nannies must be comfortable administering the epi-pen if needed and respectful that they have a nut-free home. They are also looking to grow their family in the very near future so infant experience is a must!! This family is currently seeking a very experienced nanny who has worked as a professional nanny in homes and would love to feel like an extension of their family.  Mom is an ICU doctor and works outside of the home (she is very cautious in regard to Covid see all details below).  Dad is currently seeking a new job and will be working in his home office during the day while the nanny is with their daughter.  Their new nanny should be energetic, fun to be around, someone who is organized, proactive, loving, nurturing, and will also value the family’s wishes and parenting style.  The family is supportive, hard-working, honest, and very easy to communicate with.  They really want their nanny to feel like part of the family and will help in any way they can to ease into the transition with their new nanny.  They have her on an ideal schedule with naps, feeding times, etc.  The family will need someone who will follow their lead when taking care of their daughter to help provide a sense of consistency for her.  This position will require a nanny who is comfortable being in the home for the most part.  Limited outings at this time due to Covid risk and exposure as well as the heat of the Summer. They are hopeful that with time they can allow for outings as they know it is hard to be in a home all day with a little one. 

If you are a nanny who is easy-going, a team player, dedicated, and looking for a long-term relationship is an ideal position for you!

This position is offering $22 – $25 per hour with guaranteed hours, paid holidays, paid sick days, paid vacation! 

The schedule for this position will be one of two options:

  • Full Time – Monday through Friday – 9:00am – 5:00pm 
  • Mom has about every other week off and the nanny can either have those days off or come in for the hours and assist with light household management while she spends time with her daughter.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Childcare Related Responsibilities:   

  • All comprehensive baby care, feeding, changing, nap schedules 
  • Engaging, playing, reading, planning activities in the home, once Covid is not so high risk and you have built a relationship with the family they may be open to outings.
  • Helping baby meet and exceed all developmental milestones
  • Educational age-appropriate activities

Household Related Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning up after self and child
  • Kitchen, cleaning the high chair, floor, counter
  • Baby Laundry and linens
  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Help with family laundry if time permits
  • Simple meal prep, washing/cutting vegetables, etc.
  • Baby dishes 
  • Changing Crib/changing/diaper pail 
  • Organizational projects for the child – clothes, toys etc. 
  • Cleaning toys/sanitizing 
  • Organizational projects if time permits 
  • Letting parents know if baby items are stocked or needed 
  • The care of the baby is 100% top priority for this position

 Family Values:

  • Friendly, loving, respectful, considerate, honest, sincerity
  • Value family time, open-minded, hands-on parenting
  • Feeding and eating healthy organic foods 
  • Open and honest communication 
  • Hard-working, proactive, self-motivated, very affectionate
  • Invested in their child and her development and education
  • Heath safety-conscious 
  • Emphasis on learning and teaching new things
  • Positive redirection, consistency
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Reliable, on time, committed, active, and very positive
  • No screen time, TV, or limited cell phone use especially when the child is awake
  • Ability to follow parenting guidelines, naps, meals, etc.
  • Experienced, engaging, proactive, consistent
  • Ability to take initiative and create activities within the home
  • Maintaining health and safety at all times
  • Love experiencing and teaching new things
  • Honesty and open communication, hard worker, initiative, proactive
  • Professional, loyal, loving, hands-on, nurturing
  • Enjoyment of children; love of learning and teaching new things
  • Careful attention to health guidelines both within and outside of the home


  • COVID-19: This family requires a nanny who is being extremely cautious and following the CDC guidelines in efforts to minimize risk and exposure to the virus. Someone who is practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public would be ideal. This position will require for the nanny they hire to be vaccinated for Covid-19. 
  • Mom is an ICU Doctor. She is VERY cautious and changes all clothing and showers before coming into contact with anyone or anything in their home. They are following all guidelines, no one in their home has had Covid and all adults are fully vaccinated.
  • Their new nanny must be someone who is not being exposed to a high-risk Covid situation.  They would not be comfortable with a nanny who is living with someone who has a higher risk job unless they are taking FULL precautions, if you have children and they are in school this would not be ideal for this family.  This family is taking Covid very seriously and hope to find a nanny who is doing the same.
  • Length of Commitment: One year to start, would love very long term
  • Pets: No pets in the home
  • Must be okay working inside the home with no outings for the time being. 
  • The family does plan on moving somewhere nearby once they find a home to purchase.

Nannies, this family is just so wonderful and kind.  They recently moved from FL and have been so patient in trying to find an amazing nanny for their daughter.  They really want a career nanny who values her position in their home and will become an active part of their family. They are so warm, loving, and understanding, they just want the BEST for their daughter and hope to meet some wonderful candidates very soon!


To Apply:

  • Please send an email to Andrea our Placement Coordinator at with your resume and a cover letter telling us why you’re interested and why you would be great for this amazing position. Please reference Job Code TNJFT250.

To apply for this job email your details to

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