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TNJFT220 – Amazing New Full Time Short Term Position in Glendale

Amazing New Full Time Position in Glendale

Cross Streets: 75th at the 101

Start Date: August 10, 2020

Term: 2-3 Months Full time/Possible Part Time Extension After

Ref Code: TNJFT220


Family Summary:

The Nanny Joynt is so happy to be working with this amazing family!  They are looking for a full time nanny for a few months and could possibly extend part-time after Dad returns from his deployment.  Mom is a full time ER Physician so although it is not consistent she has her schedule 60 – 90 days in advance.  A nanny who is EXTREMELY flexible and willing to work a lot of hours for the next couple of months is needed for this family. This family has two children, their son is 3 years old and very sweet, however, he is going through a stressful time right now and missing his Dad.  He needs a nanny who can set boundaries and has a personality that will be strong enough to help him stay on track. Their daughter is so sweet, she is 11 months old and is fun and independent.  This family needs a nanny who will be engaging with the children during the day and someone who will enjoy being active with them.  Their ideal nanny would be someone who is reliable, has a strong work ethic, (Mom has no family here for back up cannot call out of work so a reliable nanny is a must for this position!) on time, firm, consistent, passionate, caring and nurturing. The nanny should also be easy-going, active, energetic, honest, and experienced with young children. Both children will be attending Montessori school each day and will need to be taken to the school and picked up. This position requires weekend hours, Mom will be home on some of the weekends and would love to have a nanny who is comfortable working as a team player to help her out as needed! They are open to splitting the job up between two people if the hours become too much for one person. 

This position is offering $20 – $25 per hour with guaranteed hours, overtime pay for hours over 40, paid holidays and paid time off if in fact this position becomes be long term. The family is willing to offer other benefits as they know more about the length of this position. 

The schedule for this position will be:

  • The schedule will be flexible depending on Mom’s work schedule, she does get her schedule 60 – 90 day in advance.
  • If interested in the job please email us and ask to see her upcoming schedule which is laid out for the next 2 months. 
  • Some early arrival days as early as 5:30am
  • Some late working nights as Mom can have a shift that ends  at 12:00 am
  • Nanny needed every (most) evening from 5:30pm – 7:30pm to help mom with dinner and bed time 
  • Weekends (Sa and Su) will be needed as well from 9:00am until 6:00pm. Mom can be flexible and if you need a weekend day off she can accommodate
  • The children will be in school M-F 9 am – 4/5 pm. During the daytime hours, the nanny will have complete flexibility to do as she wishes as well as complete household related tasks.


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Childcare Related Responsibilities:   

  • Full care of the children –  meals, snacks, cleaning up, diapering, potty training
  • Getting children up and ready for school
  • Packing lunches, snacks etc.
  • School drop off and pick up – car provided
  • Helping the children learn new things and coming up with educational activities
  • Children’s laundry, linens, folding, putting away
  • Playing/reading, teaching new skills and going for walks, planning educational activities to do at home, arts and crafts, etc.
  • Maintaining the children’s areas and ensuring all items are stocked and organized
  • Stepping in and helping with things Mom would normally do if she were home

Household Related Responsibilities:

  • Cleaning up after self and children
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Taking out the trash/recycling as needed
  • Keeping home tidy and organized
  • Grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, family is not picky
  • Family laundry
  • Making sure all areas are organized/tidy as needed
  • Organizational tasks 
  • (The Children will be in school M-F 9am – 4/5pm so nanny will have a lot of time to complete any household tasks)

Family Values:

  • Friendly, loving, respectful, considerate, honest 
  • Invested in their children and their development and education
  • Safety-conscious – this family does have pool
  • Emphasis on learning and teaching new things
  • Positive redirection, firm boundaries and consistency
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Reliable and on time is a MUST for this position
  • Experienced, engaging, proactive, consistent, firm
  • Ability to take initiative and create activities
  • Maintaining health and safety at all times
  • Strong swimmer, children love to swim and both took ISR
  • Love experiencing and teaching new things
  • Honesty and open communication
  • Professional, loyal, loving, hands-on, nurturing
  • Enjoyment of children; love of learning and teaching new things


  • COVID-19: This family requires a nanny who is being cautious and following the CDC guidelines in efforts to minimize risk and exposure to the virus. Someone who is practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public would be ideal but not required.
  • Mom does work in the ER and is exposed to Covid-19 patients. She is always in FULL gear and takes all precautions neede to reduce her risk of infection.
  • Length of Commitment: August 15th (latest start date) thru the end of October
  • Opportunity to go long term part-time once Dad arrives home
  • Pets:  No Pets in the home

Nannies, this is a very caring and loving family. Mom has so much on her plate and will truly appreciate some much-needed help with her kiddos and home!  They want their new nanny to be a consistent and loving part of their family.  Although their situation can be stressful right now with Dad being deployed and Mom’s work schedule being tough to work around, they will do everything in their power to make this job amazing and want it to be mutually beneficial for everyone! 

To Apply:

  • Please send an email to Andrea our Placement Coordinator at with your resume and a cover letter telling us why you’re interested and why you would be great for this amazing position. Please reference Job Code TNJFT220.

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