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TNJFT143 – Full Time Position in Phoenix with Two School Age Girls

Full Time Nanny/House Manager Needed in Phoenix

Location: Glendale Ave and Central

Start Date: June 27, 2019

Ref Code: TNJFT143

The Nanny Joynt is happy to share a great position working with a wonderful family in Phoenix.  There are two school age girls who attend school full time. The oldest daughter is 13 years old and is in 8th grade.  She is a straight A student and has been her entire life. She is a sweet mannered teenager with a caring and loving personality. She is a caring, smart, talented, always thinks of others, loves her family and is a wonderful big sister and friend. Some of her hobbies include cheer, gymnastics, musical theatre and singing.

Their youngest daughter is 10 years old and is in the 5th grade.  She is also a straight A student but has to work harder at school than her sister does. She has an amazing, vibrant imagination and is very creative. She has a huge heart for people that she likes and cares for. She is a huge animal lover. She is extremely sweet and well mannered. She does love to test limits, try new things and is more adventurous than her sister.  Both girls are fun, active, love musical theater and singing!

Dad has the girls a few days each week and shares parenting with their Mom.  Mom and Dad are amazing parents and really are involved with their girls, they have a great relationship and are always looking out for what is best for the girls.  Dad is looking for a nanny who will help him with getting the girls to and from school, driving to activities and keeping them active during the summer months. The ideal candidate would be someone who is positive, a problem solver, trustworthy, honest, a person with a high level of integrity, an authentic communicator, and has a great love for the children, family and their family pet.  A nanny who is family oriented, fun to be around, possess strong leadership qualities is ideal. You should be a hard worker, dependable, adaptable, supportive, highly organized, thoughtful, creative, passionate, high energy and full of life!

Most importantly, you must be a great role model for the girls as they go through these formative years.

This position is offering $20 – $23 per hour, with guaranteed hours each week, paid holidays, paid sick days and paid vacation time. Mileage reimbursement if you use your own vehicle when transporting the girls. There is also a family vehicle available to use when needed. This position will also include household management, scheduling, personal assistant duties.

The schedule for this position will be a bit fluid and so open communication and flexibility are key!

  • Monday – 4-6 hours of household management/pet care (time is open depending on nanny preference)
  • Tuesday – 1pm – 6pm
  • Wednesday – 12pm – 7/8pm
  • Thursday – 12pm – 6pm
  • Friday – Occasional (1-2 Friday afternoons per month and an occasional Friday am due to Dad’s meeting schedule)
  • Saturday – Every 6 weeks or so they will need care from 7am – 7pm as Dad works some Saturdays.

The last month of the Summer these hours may be adjusted a bit due to the girls not being in school. This will be a very self driven position where at times you will have the flexibility to come in as you wish to accomplish what needs to get done.

Childcare related duties including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining organization and making sure the girl’s needs are taken care of efficiently
  • Packing lunches, making meals, snacks
  • Packing and unpacking for trips
  • Planning fun activities for the girls and being a great role model
  • Helping with school work, projects, etc.
  • Help maintain a good routine and schedule

Household responsibilities will include:

  • Meal planning and meal prep a nanny who loves cooking would be great!
  • Cleaning up, tidying areas in the home
  • Wiping counters and kitchen areas, taking out trash, load/unload dishwasher
  • Laundry, folding, putting away clean clothes, bed linens, towels, etc.
  • Keeping areas organized and tidy
  • Errands, grocery store, picking up things when needed
  • Scheduling household things, helping with bids during remodel
  • Booking travel, making appointments
  • Ensuring the girls get their chores done around the house
  • Family meal prep, cooking full meals, stocking kitchen
  • The family does have a housecleaner who comes 1 time each week for deep cleaning of their home.

This family does have a wonderful, sweet soft coated Wheaten Terrier who is part of their family. Penny is sweet and non shedding, she is hypo-allergenic. Pet care will be needed daily for her, feeding, water, playing with her, letting her in and out.  A nanny who loves dogs would be ideal for this position.

Nannies this is such a DREAM job!! This family is a genuine family who loves one another and cares for each other more than anything in life. They are honest people who will respect and value their nanny. The family is thoughtful, fun loving, big hearted and very generous. You will be treated as a member of the family and they want you to be comfortable in your role. They will always look out for your well being and have your best interest in mind.

To be considered for this fantastic opportunity please email your resume to please use Reference code – TNJFT143  in the subject line. Interviews will begin ASAP

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